Government Aid To Banks

During the economic crisis (2007- 2014), the national banking and financial systems of the 17Euro Area countries received state aid, but with important differences. During the years of the crisis, Italian banks received state aid amounting to approximately €4 billion. This compares with almost €262 billion for the German banks, and €207 billion for the British banks.

In one year, the total amount of aid within the European Union went from approximately €681 billion to €656 billion according to Eurostat. Of this amount, aid granted in the Euro Area decreased from €511.7 billion to €492.4 billion. In Italy's case, the exposure went from approximately €4 billion to the €1.1 billion today.

Italian banks received government support equal to approximately EUR 4 billion, compared with EUR 250 billion in Germany and EUR 165 billion in Great Britain.

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