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  • Grows by 5% the total value of Italian brands that today are worth $ 1,521 billion, almost as much as GDP. This value puts Italy in 9th place and greatly reduces the difference with Canada in 8th
  • Brand Rating rises from A + to AA-: the Italian brand returns to a similar strength to southern European countries such as France, Spain and Portugal
  • With growth of 21%, the value of the brand Made in Italy - now amounting to $ 205 billion – means Italy has entered the Top 10 at the expense of Switzerland


Brand Finance, in partnership with FDI Intelligence (Financial Times), annually analyses the performance of nation brands to investors, companies, immigrants and tourists, appraising the strength and economic value of each country’s image.

Italy’s image among potential international investors has improved but there continues to be room for further growth. Its image among international consumers is sky-high and highlights Italy’s impressive performance exporting quality goods and services. This positive image is particularly pronounced among American consumers but well below average among Germans.

Italy’s greatest improvement is in the image of its society, with only perceptions of the judicial system remaining low. The country has also improved perceptions of its investment climate. While most still have a low opinion of Italy’s governance environment, the private sector market and the market for talent are very well regarded. Perception of Italy’s goods and services have also improved across all pillars: governance, the private sector market and tourism all improving slightly.

Image enhancement affects Italian companies by increasing foreign investment and growing sales. Brand Finance has measured the total value of Italian brands and the brand ‘Made in Italy’ – defined as the share of value created by the fact that the product is Italian. Both values are growing - the Made in Italy increasing a remarkable 21%, and the total value of all brands growing 5%.

The performance of the Made in Italy brand is particularly strong relative to those of other major countries. In fact, among the top 10, only China, Japan and France have a similar levels of growth; the US and India are growing at around 10%; UK and Australia remain generally stable; and Germany and Canada have seen their values fall slightly.