Tuesday, 7 February 2017

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Italy is a great industrial country.

Our manufacturing companies represent the engine that drives the country’s economic growth and development thanks to their ability to produce wealth and employment, make associated industries and services flourish, and contribute to the country's financial, economic and social stability. It is therefore in Italy’s interest to create an environment that is favourable to business.

Industrial policy is back on top of the Government's agenda and the tools that we have introduced are tailored to the trademark entrepreneurial spirit within the Italian economy, and are well suited to the new phase of globalisation and major technological change we have already embarked upon.

The “Industria 4.0” National Plan represents a major opportunity for all companies that are ready to take advantage of the unprecedented incentives offered by the Fourth Industrial Revolution. The Plan provides for a wide array of consistent and complementary measures promoting investment in innovation and competitiveness - all measures that have proved their effectiveness in the past have been strengthened under a “4.0” logic, and new measures have been introduced to meet new needs.

The Government and the business community as a whole must make the most of this opportunity. This is why we have embraced a new paradigm of policy-making: we have planned measures that every company can put in place automatically – thus avoiding any evaluation procedures and the associated red tape - and, above all, without any restrictions in terms of its size, sector or location. As demonstrated by the considerable financial resources that have been committed to the Plan in the coming years, this Government is offering enterprises that want to grow and innovate a new deal.

The “Industria 4.0” National Plan will affect every step of the life cycle of companies that want to improve their competitiveness by supporting investments, the digitalisation of industrial processes, improvement in workers' productivity, as well as the development of new skills, new products and new processes.

The success of the “Industria 4.0“ National Plan depends on the extent to which entrepreneurs take advantage of the measures that have been put in place.

Carlo Calenda - Italian Minister of Economic Development

The “Industria 4.0“ Italy's National Plan for Industry guide is optimised for Chrome and Mozilla Firefox and it's also available the text version (pdf, 471 kb) and the full version (pdf, 42 Mb)