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The iOS Developer Academy at University Federico II in San Giovanni a Teduccio, Naples was kicked off last October 6: from the first contacts between the Prime Minister Office and Apple's Tim Cook earlier this year, the project now takes defined contours and gets nourished in the lively cultural and economic Neapolitan climate, to prepare thousands of students to join the thriving community of developers of iOS app, and be ready for future employment and business opportunities.

In the premises of the new Auditorium, Rector Manfredi, Professor Giorgio Ventre, Apple’s Lisa Jackson, Mayor of Naples De Magistris, President of the Campania Region De Luca and the Ministry of Education hon. Giannini took the floor.

Two hundred students qualified for the first curricular lectures, selected from more than 4,000 candidates that in September took entrance tests and aptitude interviews: 20% women; 3% foreigners; 60% from the Campania Region and the remaining from Lazio, Puglia and Tuscany. 
In September also teachers’ training was provided, held by the "Big Nerd Ranch", on behalf of Apple.

Also confirmed the iOS Foundation Program at the other five involved Universities in the Region (Istituto Suor Orsola Benincasa, Parthenope University, Orientale, Del Sannio, Salerno and Second University of Naples) with intensive training modules lasting three weeks each, thanks to the support of the Institutions involved (Prime Minister Office and Italian Trade Agency), that allowed the project to be extended to the maximum possible number of partners.

The Apple Training concept focuses on innovation and marketing: learning how the programmer language can be applied to innovation and design to open concrete ways of marketing the product. App developed by students will be owned by them: they will find a place in the App Store, with profits to them.

The Region Campania allocated over 100 million euro for the rehabilitation works of former Cirio factory and subsequent restructuring and implementation of the new and modern headquarters of Federico II University in San Giovanni a Teduccio, a popular district of Naples that today opens up to a range of new services in favour of teachers, students and residents. A further 7 million euro has been earmarked for scholarships to students involved in the project.